Rev..3 RE: [wg5-3: 2134] q11h17/apc1457 rev. 2

Yoshihiro Kikuchi kiku at EEL.RDC.TOSHIBA.CO.JP
Wed Nov 25 06:06:36 EST 1998

Dear Q.11-15 experts,

Attached find please the rev.3 of H.245 codepoints for MPEG-4 visual

The change from rev.2 is only on the default value of the drawingOrder
as in the Q.11 meeting report.

In the determination version (and in rev.2), the default value of the
drawingOrder was 0. It is equal to the minimum value of the
drawingOrder. It makes a limitation that a logical channel cannot has
the smaller drawingOrder value than that of the logical channel formally
opened without indicating drawingOrder. This means that a visual object
cannot drawn Behind the visual object associated with the formally
opened logical channel with default drawingOrder.

I changed the default value to 32768, which is the middle of maximum and
minimum values.

Please note that the format of rev.3 is quit changed form rev.2 as the
delta from H.245 ver.4, but the contents should be the same expect for
the above change.

If you have any comment on it, please send a message until the end of
this week. I will make changes with reflecting all comments, and will
send it to the H.245 editor (Mr. Mike Nilsson) next week.

Best regards,

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>Dear Gary, Mike and Q.11-15 experts,
>The attached mail is the one I tried to send last week during the
>meeting but not accomplished by a network trouble. I'm sending this
>again. I'm also attaching the 2nd. revision of q11h17/apc1457 which is
>last revision reviewed in the Torino meeting.
>As in the Q.11 meeting report, I should make another revision on the
>default value of the drawingOrder. I will send the revised document
>Best regards,
>        Yoshihiro Kikuchi
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