Torino meeting: connectors and electrical plugs

Tosco Federico Federico.Tosco at CSELT.IT
Fri Nov 13 02:35:58 EST 1998

In addition to the information I sent you and in answer to some requests I
have received, I give you some information about connectors and electrical
Each seat in the auditorium and in sala Manzoni will be equipped with:

*       a 10Base-T (RJ45) connector, which can be plugged into the PC for
connection to the LAN available for the meeting.

*       an electrical plug (220 Volt). Please note that the Italian bipolar
electrical plugs are equal to the Swiss ones that you normally use in
Geneva. The tripolar ones (including the earth connection) are different,
because the three poles are aligned, while in Switzerland the central one is
not aligned with the other ones.


Federico Tosco

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