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Hidenobu Harasaki harasaki at CCM.CL.NEC.CO.JP
Mon Mar 23 21:04:19 EST 1998

Members of ITU SG16,

As many of you are probably are aware, the IETF has created a new
working group, called iptel (IP Telephony), to develop some protocols
related to Internet telephony. There has been a lot of confusion about
this group and what it is (and isn't) doing, so as chair of this group,
I'd like to provide some clarification.

Firstly, the group is not standardizing an alternative to H.323. The
group will be standardizing two things, both of which are independent,
orthogonal, and complementary to H.323.

The first output of the group is a call processing syntax. This is a
directive which can be uploaded by a client to a server, such as a
gatekeeper or gateway. When a call arrives at this server, the directive
is processed, and a decision about what do to with the call is made.
This allows clients to express preferences about call handling based on
inputs such as caller, time of day, subject, media, etc.

The second output of the group is a protocol for distributing attributes
to aid in the process of selecting a gateway to complete an IP to PSTN
call. The protocol will focused on wide-area (aka inter-zone)
distribution, where scalability is a serious concern. Likely it would be
implemented by gateways and gatekeepers, adding greater reach to the
existing intra-zone mechanism currently in RAS.

This work is quite complementary to both H.323 and the efforts of ITU

I would encourage those of you who are interested to attend the meeting
for more details. In addition, you should join the group's mailing list.
Instructions for doing so can be found at

Jonathan R.

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