Upcoming SG16 experts meetings in Yokosuka

Tue Mar 17 06:01:27 EST 1998

Forwarded to the ITU email reflector for SG16/Q.11in hopes that some if not
all of the ITU member experts will get it during the time the normal q.11
reflector is not operating.

Thanks, Tom Geary

-------------------- Forwarded by Tom A Geary/RSS/Rockwell on 16-03-98
22:42 ---------------------------

Tom A Geary
14-03-98 21:04

To:   sg16.lbc at research.kpn.com, webberr at pictel.com
Subject:  New files on q11-site (lbc-site)

Dear SG16 Q.11 Experts:

I have uploaded  files for the proposed agendas for Yokosuka and Tampere
Q.11 experts meetings, q11dtd2.doc  an q11etd2.doc.

Also I have assigned a number to the invitation (and in the case of
Tampere, the registration) letters from our gracious  hosts and have
uploaded these as well, q11d01.doc for Yokosuka and q11e01.doc along with
q11e05.doc for Tampere.

I have also uploaded a document for each meeting, q11d04.doc and q11e04.doc
which is the updated SG16 Q.11 meeting report (with change marks from the
one presented in the WP2 meeting in Geneva adding missing TD numbers and
revising the agenda of the Yokosuka and Tampere meetings) as discussed in
the WP2 meeting.

Mr. Webber:

Can you move all files with q11dnn.ccc names to the /yokosuka.April98
folder and all with q11enn.ccc names to the /tampere.April98 folder.  (Also
you can delete file Q11_trac from the /lbc-site/dropbox, it was just a
reference file for the Q.11 documents to the January Geneva meeting and .)
Also please move files h223c_13_details.zip and h324c_21_details.zip to the
/lbc-site/LBCmobile/documents directory.

Tom Geary

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