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Michele Bozier WVdevmt-WS mbozier at MADGE.COM
Wed Mar 11 11:44:16 EST 1998

Hi all,

I have a question about the H450.3 Call Diversion recommendation when the
gatekeeper handles the diversion.

Figure 12 in section 10 shows the signalling flow for Call forwarding
unconditional being handled by a gatekeeper.  My concern is that the figure
shows the gatekeeper informing the 'called' user that the call has been
diverted away from it, using an H.225 Setup message.   In order for this not
to create confusion, the gatekeeper must know that the called user
understands H450.2  (e.g. if the called user were a Version 1 endpoint then
it would surely wrongly interpret this Setup as an incoming call).

The text in the standard which relates to the sending of this information to
the called user (H450.2 APDU divertingLegInformation4), states that this
message is sent by the gatekeeper only if the option 'served user
notification' applies.  As far as I can see, this option is a local
configuration matter at the served endpoint.  My question is, how does a
gatekeeper work out whether or not this option is set in a standard way?

Thanks for your help
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