Far End Camera Control in H.323

Roni Even roni_e at ACCORD.CO.IL
Wed Mar 11 06:23:54 EST 1998

     FECC is not defined yet in the standards. In the Geneva meeting the
     decision was to supply basic AVC through the H.323 protocols. One of
     the areas to be discussed in the Japan Q.13/Q.14 meeting is FECC,
     contributions are welcome.

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Subject: Far End Camera Control in H.323
Author:  <ITU-SG16 at MAILBAG.INTEL.COM> at internet
Date:    3/4/98 4:40 PM

Hello all,

I have some questions pertaining to Far End Camera Control in H.323.  I
would appreciate it much if someone could please answer them.

Is FECC going to be done through the T.120 channel? If so, then is H.281
encapsulated within t.120 stack?
Or has the Standards committee come up with a different scheme to do Far
End Camera Control?

Thanks in advance,

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