AVC Request

Sakae OKUBO okubo at GCTECH.CO.JP
Sat Mar 28 10:53:29 EST 1998

Dear Mark and Q.12-14/16 colleagues,

Two new APC numbers have been allocated to MPEG liaison response and Mr.
Reid's contribution.

APC-  Source       Provisional Title
1328  Siemens      Proposal for Call Hold Supplementary service in
                   H.323 (H.450.Hold)
1329  Siemens      Proposal for Call Park/Call Pickup supplementary
                   service in H.323 (H.450.Park+Pickup
1330  Siemens      Proposal for Call Waiting Supplementary Service
                   H.323 (H.450.CallWaiting)
1331  RADVision    A proposal for RTP/RTCP addresses use during the
                   Fast Connect Procedure
1332  RADVision    Remarks on H.225.0
1333  Editor       Drat Amendment 5 to H.222.0
1334  Editor       Draft Annex I to H.225.0
1335  Editor       Darft H.245 V4
1336  Editor       Darft H.310 V2
1337  Editor       Draft H.bmultipoint
1338  Editor       Draft Annex D to H.323
1339  PictureTel   Proposals and General Comments for H.323 Annex C
1340  Mitel        Message Waiting Indication Supplementary Service in
1341  multiple     Inter-Gatekeeper Communication Requirements (H.323
                   Annex G)
1342  ETSI         Communication from EP TIPHON to ITU SG16 on Codec
                   support for H.323
1343  MPEG         Liaison response regarding DMIF
1344  Editor       H.246 Work Plan and Discussion


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