APC numbers

Sakae OKUBO okubo at GCTECH.CO.JP
Wed Mar 25 17:26:14 EST 1998

Dear Messrs. Walker and Kimchi,

Attached please find APC numbers which have been allocated to your

APC-  Source       Provisional Title
1328  Siemens      Proposal for Call Hold Supplementary service in
                   H.323 (H.450.Hold)
1329  Siemens      Proposal for Call Park/Call Pickup supplementary
                   service in H.323 (H.450.Park+Pickup
1330  Siemens      Proposal for Call Waiting Supplementary Service
                   H.323 (H.450.CallWaiting)
1331  RADVision    A proposal for RTP/RTCP addresses use during the
                   Fast Connect Procedure
1332  RADVision    Remarks on H.225.0
1333  Editor       Drat Amendment 5 to H.222.0
1334  Editor       Draft Annex I to H.225.0
1335  Editor       Darft H.245 V4
1336  Editor       Darft H.310 V2
1337  Editor       Draft H.bmultipoint
1338  Editor       Draft Annex D to H.323
1339  PictureTel   Proposals and General Comments for H.323 Annex C
1340  Mitel        Message Waiting Indication Supplementary Service in
1341  multiple     Inter-Gatekeeper Communication Requirements (H.323
Annex G)
1342  ETSI         Communication from EP TIPHON to ITU SG16 on Codec
support for H.323


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