ad hoc Multipoint Conference - about Gatekeeper routing

Vincent Chen vincentshchen at ACER.COM.TW
Fri Mar 6 09:24:30 EST 1998

     Dear All,

     Is it a must for the Gatekeeper to route the Call Signalling Channel
     and H.245 Control Channel in order to support ad hoc Multipoint

     If it is a must, what shall the Gatekeeper and MC do? Is it correct
     that Gatekeeper shall pass (redirect)the transport address of the two
     endpoints to MC and let MC to start the Capability exchange procedure
     (TerminalCapabilitySet) with them? So that the previous H.245 channel
     between the two endpoint can becomes two H.245 between the two
     endpoint and the MC?

             / \                    One H.245 Control Channel between
            /   \                   Endpoint1 and Endpoint2
           /     \                  routed by Gatekeeper
     Endpoint1   Endpoint2

             / \                    Two H.245 Control Channels between
            /   \                   the two endpoint and MC
           /     \
     Endpoint1   Endpoint2

     Thank you for answering my question!

     Best Regards,
     Vincent Chen
     E-mail: VincentSHChen at

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