Report of the Cannes meeting

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Dear Mr. OKUBO:

With respect to the report (APC-1425) of the Cannes meeting, I would
appreciate if you would add the following for the completeness of the


Section 5.5.4 H.225.0 V3 Annex G (GK to GK Communications)

APC-1385 [AT&T] "Framework for H.323 Inter-Gatekeeper Communications"

Mr. Roy also pointed out the following:

                *       H.323 signaling schemes that were developed for
H.323v1 in view of the LAN-based single GK model (signaling schemes in
H.323v2 also remain almost the same so far the inter-GK communication is
concerned) may not be good enough to satisfy all needs when it is applied in
the context of multiple gatekeeper environment with different inter-GK
architectures: Distributive, Centralized, and Hybrid (Distributive +
                *       Each inter-GK architecture may need different
signaling schemes in order to optimize the use of communication resources
especially in the context large networks for both connectionless and
connection oriented networks.

APC-1422 [Intel] "Proposal and General Comments for Inter-Gatekeeper

During the discussion of Intel's contribution, Mr. Roy also pointed out that
this proposal appears to have the following limitations:

                *       The relationship between the zone (or internal) and
the border (or domain) gatekeeper is not defined: is it hierarchical or
                *       Does it mandates the use of proprietary protocols
between the zone (or internal) and domain (or border) gatekeeper?
                *       The relationship between the multiple domain
gatekeepers has not been defined: how communications occur in view of the
multiple domain gatekeepers?
                *       As if it mandates a specific implementation scheme
that may limit its scalability once one starts to use the gatekeeper
discovery, address translation, admission control, and/or bandwidth/QOS
control signaling messages for this particular architecture while a large
network that may use highly distributive, centralized, and hybrid inter-GK

Therefore, Mr. Roy has the following view:

                *       It requires a fundamental understanding of the
logical relationships for inter-GK communications in view of the
distributive, centralized, and hybrid inter-GK architecture that might be
scaleable in view of large networks for both connectionless and connection
oriented networking environment.
                *       AT&T's contribution (APC-1382) has been the first
step in that direction.


I would appreciate a prompt action from your end.


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> Dear Q.12-14/16 experts,
> I have uploaded draft report of the Cannes meeting (APC-1425) at the
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> w97 is original, editing TD-20 (Q.12), TD-21 (Q.13) and TD-22 (Q.14)
> with Word 97. w95 is a version converted into Word 6/95; there are
> obvious errors in section numbering and figures.
> Please review it in a week time, and give me any comments. I will then
> complete it, uploade it at /9806_Can directory and send its copies to
> the SG16 management.
> Best regards,
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