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SQ16 Q14 Multimedia Management Information Base
Audio Call 6/24 Minutes

1. IETF submission/coordination
2. APC 1380 GW, MC, MP Annexes
3. Cannes summary

The call started late because George gave out incorrect bridge numbers
and it took the first 15 minutes of the call to try to get people onto
the bridge.  As a result a number of people couldn't get into the
conference.  Actual participants:

Mike Thatcher, Cisco
Zvi Mizrahy, Pnina Vortman, IBM Haifa
Orit Levin, RadVision
Joon Maeng, VTEL
Bill Strahm, Mark Baugher, Intel
Ghislaine Griswold, Lucent
Don Dewar, George Kajos, David Reich, Irina Suconick, VideoServer

People unable to attend because of the phone number problem:
Nicole Gallant, Nortel
David Walker, Ashok Ganesan, and Annette Lanteigne, Mitel

I apologize for the mistake.

It was agreed at the Cannes meeting to obtain IETF input to the
Multimedia MIB.  The procedure appears to be for George to send email to
the Operations and Maintenance Area Directors requesting a working group,
stating the interest of the number of companies involved and the existing
body of work.  George will volunteer to co-chair the working group.  It
was discussed whether the IETF would find a qualified co-chair, but we
will wait until we get a response to the email request.  George will put
together a strawman charter and send this request by 6/26/98.  A poll was
taken as to whether there would be adequate representation at the August
meeting and it was clear that there would be a number of companies in

A recurring issue is whether the work is going to be performed at the
IETF or the ITU-T.  The model discussed is the details of content are
clearly ITU charter work, while SNMP and MIB format and organization are
inputs we expect to be likely from the IETF. The Multimedia MIB document
APC-1380 is organized as a main document and a series of Annexes
representing individual pieces.  Yet some of the attendees though it
might be more appropriate to separate the Annexes into possibly 3 MIB
submissions; H323, H320, H245. This caused some confusion as to where the
GW MIB would go.  It was decided to finish the Annexes of the Multimedia
MIB document before concluding the format of the submission to the IETF.


The GW, MC, and MP Annexes did not get submitted to the meeting at Cannes
for the June ITU meeting. Zvi Mizrahy and Prina Vortman of IBM Haifa
indicated they would send the gateway Annex APC1393 to the mailing list.
 One of the questions which was discussed was how to place the gateway in
the overall hierarchy.  It could probably be brought up to the main level
rather than under H.323.  The decision  was deferred until the next
meeting after the group had a chance to understand the proposal.  One
other element of the proposal was that there would be a set of
definitions which would likely be moved up into the textual conventions
and registration file.  George also placed it in the avc-site\incoming
directory on the Picturetel FTP site.  VideoServer reiterated their
intent to develop an MC and MP contribution of the next 2-3 weeks.

Cannes review

A brief summary of the Cannes meeting was discussed. First APC 1380 was
presented which outlined the hierarchy and MIB organization.  RTP was
shown as Annex 1 in the document, but it is still an issue as to where it
should appear.  George, Irina and Joon  discussed individual proposals.
 The RAS MIB and indexing issues reappeared.  There was more discussion
about correlation between admission and call signalling tables, but
there's no conclusion.

Gary Thom did not get feedback from his liaison to ITU SG4 on management.
Thus, the whole effort is still on a dual path. Many present expressed a
need to keep this work moving as rapidly as possible.

Next Meeting:

Wednesday, July 8, 1998 11:00 - 1:00 PM EST.

Current Action Items:
1. George Kajos - Publish meeting minutes (this report) and schedule next
2. George Kajos - Confer with ISO and IETF network management experts
regarding placement of H.Multimedia MIB - generate request to O&M Area
3. Group - Admission table indices - Issue of index uniqueness waiting
for example of a problem.
4. Group - Admission and CallSignalling Tables index correlation.
5. Group - review APC1393 (GW) from Zvi Mizrahy and Prina Vortman
6. VideoServer - Gernerate MC and MP proposal

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