Gary A. Thom gthom at DELTA-INFO.COM
Fri Jun 19 12:58:42 EDT 1998


H.323 version 2 states in A2d) and that an MCU can use
conferenceListChoice to give a version 2 endpoint the choice between a number
of possible conferences of which one it would like to create(!).  I have two
points with regard to this:
1. Surely it would also be sensible to have a similar method for joining
extant conferences (rather than just sending ReleaseComplete when CIDs don't
match)?  Would'nt this be an easy (no extra ASN.1!) and useful addition?
2. (more serious) I can't see how an endpoint tells the MCU which conference
from the list it has chosen!
Is it up to the endpoint to release the call and send a new setup message
with the appropriate conference alias in, or does it send back a similar
facility message to the one it was sent, with a single ConferenceList in
rather than a sequence of same?

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