Proposal for Common RDC Protocol is available

Mark Duckworth Mark_Duckworth at PICTEL.COM
Thu Jun 18 11:23:36 EDT 1998

This proposal for work on a common RDC protocol is submitted to the Q3
meeting next week in Colorado Springs.  I uploaded it to:

Bruce DeGrasse, please move it to


This proposal continues the work of recent RDC audio conferences and the
Q11-14/16 meeting in Cannes.  The proposed approach is to use a common RDC
protocol (V.RDC) which can be carried within a T.120 APE (T.RDC) or without
T.120 (H.RDC) in an H.245 logical channel.  H.323 systems will use H.RDC
for both point to point and multipoint, with T.RDC being optional.

This paper includes the following:

- suggestions for separating the common protocol from the T.120 specifics,
in the current T.RDC
- changes to camera control to make it H.281 compatible
     - start/continue/stop
     - predefined device identifiers
     - presets
- changes to camera control to make it more useful and usable
     - automatic pointing
     - coordinates in terms of field of view rather than degrees
- a list of work still to do in defining the ASN.1 syntax for H.RDC

Mark Duckworth

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