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Tue Jul 21 21:01:35 EDT 1998

There will be another conference call to discuss H.225.0 Annex G:
        date: 23 July (Thursday)
        time: 9:00am Mountain Time (8:00 Pacific, 11:00 Eastern, etc)
        bridge number: +1 630 224 4444
        code: 870682
        duration: 1 hour

Tentative agenda:
        - wrap up system organization discussion
        - set initial scope (i.e., contents for September determination)
        - identify open issues
        - set work plan

Notes from last call:
Most of the call was spent discussing the system organization,
specifically the meaning of the border element. Definitions for a border
element can be found in material from the Cannes meeting. Annex G does
not intend to impose any kind of hierarchical organization, but this
should be allowed if desired (implementation choice). Similarly, a
clearinghouse model should also be allowed, but not required, under
Annex G. We need to determine if any of these system organizations
implies differences in the information signalled, or in the manner the
information would be signalled.

There are legitimate security concerns, but these will not be addressed
until the signaling basics are understood.

We will start with Cannes APC-1422 as the basis for address resolution
in Annex G. This does not necessarily mean that the protocol will be
RAS-like - the actual protocol will be determined after requirements of
the information to be exchanged are understood. However, we should
continue to consider other possbilities. Among things to consider:
        - push mechanism
        - NAI (Orit, please explain)
        - hierarchical naming

We need to better understand how Diameter might be able to help us, what
Diameter's schedule is, how this relates to Radius (systems already
fielded), etc.

For those who were on the last call, please correct me if I've missed


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