H.323 MIB Tables: APC-1316

Orit Levin orit at RADVISION.COM
Tue Jul 21 15:07:31 EDT 1998

Hello folks,
Attached are the minutes from last week's call.  Please let me know if
you desire a number for this week.
George Kajos
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SQ16 Q14 Multimedia Management Information Base
Audio Call 7/15/98 Minutes

1. Review of H.323 MIBs and RTP MIB proposals
2. Review of H.320 MIB proposals
3. APC 1393 GW contribution

Mike Thatcher, Cisco
Zvi Mizrahy, Prina Vortman, IBM Haifa
Orit Levin, RadVision
Bill Strahm, Mark Baugher, Intel
Nicole Gallant, Nortel
Don Milotte, James Pansarasa, Picturetel
Chris Grindel, PacNetX
Jackson Wynn, White Pine
George Kajos, Irina Suconick, Don Dewar, VideoServer

H.323 MIB Proposals
In last weeks' meeting it was suggested that we review the existing body
of work for any issues.  Orit said she was working on a critique that
wasn't ready in time for the meeting, but some of the big picture items
were discussed in advance of Orit sending the paper to the mailing list.

The first agenda item was RAS.  The main focus of conversation was the
admissionTable indices. This has been on the agenda as action item 3 for
a couple of months.  Orit's proposal is to use CallID, and the source and
destination callSignalling addresses instead of the source and
destination RASAdresses.  There are a couple of major benefits of this
proposed change. The first is that the CallID is unique across all
connections. The major disadvantage is that the field is not defined for
reverion 1 endpoints.  The major benefit of using the Call addresses
instead of the RAS addresses is that they are TCP addresses instead of
UDP addresses and more likely to be unique because at revision 2 of the
specification mulitple connections weren't being multiplexed over the TCP
port. The previous objection to the CallSignalling addresses is that the
specification at revision 2 has them marked as optional.  Orit pointed
out that they are not optional according to the revision 2 implementer's
guide. The group will consider this change during the week, but most
people were largely favorable to the change.  The index for the
registration table was also discussed at length.  Orit proposed using the
endpointIdentifier.  However, at present it is defined to be 128
characters and would the OID would exceed the limits of SNMP.  George
volunteered to talk to Jim Toga and Dale Skran to see if might be
acceptable to limit endpointIdentifier to 64 characters.

The next MIB to be reviewed was the H.225 CallSignalling MIB proposal.
 The main suggestion was to add the CallID to the Connection Table.  This
was also agreed upon after the Cannes meeting, but the version on the
Picturetel site hasn't been updated yet.

Orit's general comments on the H.245 MIB were that it was not well
organized and didn't follow the protocol specification.   We postponed
discussing this MIB under Orit can complete her critique and send it to
the mailing list.

The main suggestion is that the zone table should be updated to reflect
the emerging GK-GK developments in the standard.  This might be
problematic because the GK-GK work is in version 3 of H.323 and the
target for determination is version 2.

Mark discussed that he had prepared a RTP session mapping table in
support of mixers and MCUs and was considering reissuing the IETF draft.
 George remarked that as the original requester of the table, it might be
more appropriate to create such a table in the MP and gateway MIBs rather
than burden the RTP MIB with trying to support a generic mapping

Textual Conventions
Mike Thatcher and Zvi Mizrahy agreed to work together to add more common
definitions and conventions to the textual conventions to improve
commonality and reuse.

H320 MIB Proposals
There was no input on the H320 proposals during this call.

After a lengthy discussion during the 8th of July call regarding
architecture, scope and charter, it was agreed that Zvi would send out an
update of where he thought the present state of agreements were.

We have officially requested a BOF for this work from the IETF Operations
and Maintenance Area Directors Bert Wijnen and Harald Avelstrad.

Next Meeting:
Wednesday, July 22, 1998 11:00 - 1:00 PM EST. Please send mail
gkajos at videoserver.com for a bridge port number.

Current Action Items:
1. George Kajos - Publish meeting minutes (this report) and schedule next
2. George Kajos - Confer with ISO and IETF network management experts
regarding placement of H.Multimedia MIB.
3. Group - Admission table indices - See updated RasV2Mib.rtf for CallID
change and text in report
4. Group - Admission and CallSignalling Tables index correlation.
5. VideoServer - Generate MC and MP proposal
6. George Kajos - Generate BOF request to O&M Area Director - Sent on
7. George Kajos/ Mark Baugher - Set up a mail reflector which can be used
for IETF input and access - George does not think VideoServer will be
able to do this and Mark Baugher said he would look into whether Intel
can take this on. - Intel created HMIBS on 7/17/98
8. Contributors - place any updated the MIB proposals on the Picturetel
reflector.  The current status is:
Avc-site\APC-1380 - overview
Avc-site\APC-1387 - textual conventions
Avc-site\APC-1388 - RTP
Avc-site\APC-1389 - H.323 Call Signaling
Avc-site\Incoming\RasV2Mib.rtf - H.323 RAS
Avc-site\APC-1391 - H.323 Terminal
Avc-site\APC-1392 - H.323 Gatekeeper
Avc-site\Incoming\APC1393 - Gateway
Avc-site\APC-1396 - H.320 Terminal
Avc-site\APC-1397 - H.320 Call Signaling
Avc-site\APC-1398 - H.221
Avc-site\APC-1399 - H.320 Multipoint Control Unit
Avc-site\APC-1400 - H.245
The working proposal is that any updates will be placed in incoming by
identifying name and
Mr. Okubo and the mailing list will be informed.
9. Group - Gateway  - we have to decide the architectural model for a
gateway, what are the standard pieces, should multiway connections be
modeled, etc.?
10. Group - Review all MIB proposals - ongoing
11. Orit Levin - send MIB critique to the mailing lists
12. Zvi Mizrahy - send update to the gateway proposal to the mailing list

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