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Orit Levin orit at RADVISION.COM
Thu Jul 9 12:13:07 EDT 1998

Hello again!

What happened to the Conference Call?
Was it my fault? Did I talk too much (sorry about that)?

My last words were (I am not sure you could hear) there are two things to do:
1. Intel's proposal can be adopted (as "an interim" solution for specific "address resolution" problem) , but in order to be interoperable and useful
it should be, in my opinion, more tide:
- less flexible syntax
- defined push mechanism
Jim, do you mind send to you some concrete remarks? What do you think about using NAI instead?
2. In parallel, I believe, we have start working towards the more complete solution, starting from the "architectural" definition and things that we want to accomplish "as far as we can see now".

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