ICV: A request for closure...

Jim Toga jim.toga at INTEL.COM
Tue Jul 7 14:19:35 EDT 1998

There will be a conference call on Thursday, 9 July, at 7:00am Pacific
Time (10:am Eastern Time) to discuss H.225.0 Annex G. We've reserved an
audio bridge with enough ports to handle the number of people who
responded to the first notice of this topic. The bridge number is +1 916
356 9200, passcode 9774794 (conference name is "H.323 Annex G", chair is
Jim Toga). This call will be limited to 1 hour. Minutes from the call
will be published to the SG16 email list.

The goal of this call will be to get work going on Annex G. A tentative
agenda is:

- review the work that's been done so far
        - terms of reference
        - system organization
        - definitions
        - APC-1422
        - what's up with Diameter

- decide what we'd like to see for determination in September (i.e., set
the initial scope of work)

- enumerate open issues

- set some kind of work plan
        - prioritize open issues
        - decide who will work specific issues
        - calls every 2 weeks

Good preparation material would be the existing Annex G (APC-1375 from
Cannes), APC-1422, APC-1385, APC-1407, APC-1414, TD-27, and the terms of
reference from the Yokosuka meeting (TD-17 from Yokosuka).

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