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Thu Jul 2 16:10:19 EDT 1998

Hello all!

Sorry for joining the discussion just now.
We are aware of the mentioned problem and have been listening to the discussion.
Since we have an access to our ASN.1 compiler, we were thinking of implementing "Solution 2" (although using a more precise definition). 
Saying that, we would be glad to find a more correct approach both from academic and efficiency points of view. 
- The new definition (i.e. the V.2 correction) indeed has to be done very quickly.
- Our additional concern is, that the solution should be backward compatible with already deployed V.1 products. Did anybody check "Solution 4" in this light? Across different Compilers? 

Best Regards,
Orit Levin
RADVision Inc.,
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Mahwah, NJ 07430
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