Addressing information in H.450.1

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Table 6/H.450.1 has not changed in Geneva, i.e. the table within the H.450.1 whitepaper you are referring to is still o.k.

Since the ISDN like concept of Calling / Connected Line Identification Presentation / Restriction is not known in H.323, types like Table 6/H.450.1 PresentedNumberScreened, etc. have not been used within H.450.2, .3 (Only PresentationAllowedIndicator is used within Call Diversion).

Once we want to make use of ISDN like Identification Presentation / Restriction concept within Supplementary Services, I would for consistency reasons also see the PartyNumber within types like NumberScreened or Address being replaced by EndpointAddress (which would e.g. enable to request presentation restriction at the destination side of an Alias other than PartyNumber).

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Dear Karl (or anybody else who can answer),

Please can you assure me that the majority of the partyNumber fields in
Table 6/H.450.1 (white) should indeed refer PartyNumber and not to
EndpointAddress as I would have first expected!!!

Many thanks,

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