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Sakae Okubo okubo at GCTECH.CO.JP
Fri Feb 13 10:34:29 EST 1998

> I have a question about a new field in H.245:
>      SessionDependency   INTEGER (1..255) OPTIONAL
> What is it used for? Does it hold a SessionId value?
> Does anybody have (or remember the # of ) the related TD about it?
> Thank you,
> Orit Levin

I believe this field is used for the layered codec model with H.263+.

This is from AVC-1125:

"The sessionDependency field is set by the MC to indicate when a session is
dependent on another session for meaningful decoding of the its data."

I believe sessionDependency identifies the session which has the base layer
or enhancement layer for the video (if this is a video session).

Hope this helps.


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