Security ASN.1 in H.225.0

Orit Levin orit at RADVISION.COM
Tue Feb 10 12:17:54 EST 1998

Only people from ITU-T State or Sector Members - actively
involved in the standardization work of ITU-T SG16 -
can request from the ITU userid and password to the TIES system of ITU.
New users have to specify their need to access to the informal FTP Area of SG16.
There are the available documents - of course far not all - of the
last ITU-T SG16 meeting.

More Info from John Magill possible. He is the responsible officer
to EDH in SG16.


Istvan Sebestyen

At 16:30 10.02.1998 +0100, isabelle haignere wrote:
>Is it possible to receive the same piece of information : where is it
>possible to pick up the unified H323 change document (is there the same
>document for H245 : unified doc, for H225 )
>Thank you very much
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