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In the case of uni-directional logical channels, the portNumber field is
only available in the OpenLogicalChannel message, and so that is the one
that must be used in all cases.

I think that the terminal that receives the OpenLogicalChannel message
will have access to the calling party information in the Q.2931 message,
and so the port number will only be necessary to distinguish VCs opened
by the same terminal. And I would hope that that terminal could choose
portNumbers uniquely.

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>From:  Kaynam Hedayat[SMTP:Kaynam_Hedayat at PICTEL.COM]
>Sent:  10 February 1998 01:07
>Subject:       Question on H.323 V2 Annex C
>Section C.3.7.2 of H.323 V2 states that "The portNumber field of the
>OpenLogicalChannel message is conveyed in the B-HLI information
>Shouldn't the portNumber field of the OpenLogicalChannelAck message be
>conveyed in the B-HLI information element since the receiver of the
>OpenLogicalChannel is the endpoint which starts listening for the ATM
>connection with the given B-HLI?  If it is in fact the endpoint that
>initiates the OpenLogicalChannel command who is responsible for
>the B-HLI isn't there a possibility that the given B-HLI is already in
>at the other endpoint?  Thank you.

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