Karl Klaghofer karl.klaghofer at MCH.PN.SIEMENS.DE
Tue Feb 10 07:59:41 EST 1998


Section C.3.7.2 of H.323 V2 states that "The portNumber field of the
OpenLogicalChannel message is conveyed in the B-HLI information element."
Shouldn't the portNumber field of the OpenLogicalChannelAck message be
conveyed in the B-HLI information element since the receiver of the
OpenLogicalChannel is the endpoint which starts listening for the ATM
connection with the given B-HLI?  If it is in fact the endpoint that
initiates the OpenLogicalChannel command who is responsible for choosing
the B-HLI isn't there a possibility that the given B-HLI is already in use
at the other endpoint?  Thank you.


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