H.323 integrated in the ftp site

Sakae Okubo okubo at GCTECH.CO.JP
Wed Feb 25 11:10:06 EST 1998

Daer Francois Audet,

>>The integrated H.323 referencend in
>>ftp://itu-t:sg15!avc@ftp.gctech.co.jp/9801_Gen/9801_Gen.html seem to
>>be the wrong version. My understanding is that the file named
>>"com-16-54-w323-chgs-accepted-final.doc" contained all the changes
>>(including TD72). The file was in the Incoming directory, but seems
>>to have been deleted.

Thank you for your advice. I should have mentioned this, but the file
/9801_Gen/H323v2_D.zip is the same as the one you found in the
Incoming directory. Due to its very long file name, my Mac could not
unzip the original posting. So I shortened the file name to
H323v2_D.doc, zipped and moved it to 9801_Gen directory.

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