Jim Toga jtoga at JF.INTEL.COM
Tue Feb 17 16:44:48 EST 1998

It has come to my attention that there are a number of OCTET STRINGS
defined in H.245 along the lines of

        "h235Key                OCTET STRING (SIZE(1..65535))"

        "value          OCTET STRING (SIZE(1..65535))"

        "certificateResponse            OCTET STRING (SIZE(1..65535))

The problem with these difinitions is that with the terminating NULL ( I
think...) the lentgh goes over by one byte, a 64k block of data.   The OSS
compiler generates the following warning, which goes away if we change the
lenth to '65534'....

"h245.asn", line 1941 (MULTIMEDIA-SYSTEM-CONTROL): C0470W: The size of the
generated C structure for the SET OF or SEQUENCE OF exceeds 64K bytes and may
adversely affect CPU and memory performance.  Consider use of the LINKED or
UNBOUNDED directive.



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