Nested Crypto Token

Jim Toga jtoga at JF.INTEL.COM
Fri Feb 13 13:00:12 EST 1998

Orit and others....

Upon further investigation (and memory recovery...) the nested
'cryptoToken'  does in fact look like it didn't come out as intended.

The intent was to allow for nested generic (H.235) tokens to be passed
within the explicit types defined in H.225.0.  This would allow tokens to
be  'double-wrapped' as one of the choices.  In addition it allows for
non-standard or manufacturer specific tokens to be presented easily.

The bottom line is that the editing changes are extremely minor but result
in enabling this (I believe this was simply a typo that got missed in final

The line below

        nestedcryptoToken       CryptoH323Token,

should change to

        nestedcryptoToken       CryptoToken,

If this change cannot be made to H.225.0, I will put it in the implementors
guide, and it should be widely publicized.



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