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Mike Buckley mikebuckley at ATTMAIL.COM
Mon Dec 14 07:29:31 EST 1998

Dear Q.12-14/16 experts,

Attached please find the inviation from the meeting host, IMTC, for
our next Rapporteur meeting during 15-19 February 1999 in Monterey.
The meeting notice will be issued in due time.

Best regards,

Sakae OKUBO (Mr.)
Waseda Research Center
Telecommunications Advancement Organization of Japan (TAO)
5th Floor, Nishi-Waseda Bldg.
1-21-1 Nishi-Waseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
169-0051 Japan
      Tel: +81 3 5286 3830
      Fax: +81 3 5287 7287
      e-mail: okubo at giti.or.jp

From: Sebestyen Istvan    ICN WN ES SP 4 <Istvan.Sebestyen at icn.siemens.de>
To: 'garys at python.pictel.com',
'garys at pictel.com','tom.geary at rss.rockwell.com',"'jdale.skran at ascend.com'"<
jdale.skran at ascend.com>,"'okubo at giti.or.jp'"
<okubo at giti.or.jp>,"'gthom at delta-info.com'" <gthom at delta-info.com>
Cc: "'toga at ideal.jf.intel.com'" <toga at ideal.jf.intel.com>,"'Deepak Kamlani'"
<dkamlani at inventures.com>,"'Georgia
Lund'"<georgia at inventures.com>,"'Bigi at itu.int'"
<Bigi at itu.int>,"'mcollier at cwixmail.com'"
<mcollier at cwixmail.com>,"'pierre-andre.probst at swisscom.com'"
<pierre-andre.probst at swisscom.com>,"'georgeh at pictel.com'"
<georgeh at pictel.com>,"'federico.tosco at cselt.it'"<federico.tosco at cselt.it>
Subject: Joint Rapporteurs Group Meeting of the ITU-T/SG16/Q.11, Q.12,
Q.13, Q.14, Q.15 hosted by IMTC
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 1998 11:26:54 +0100
MIME-Version: 1.0

Dear Friends,

this message comes now in my capacity as IMTC BoD Member, who has been
involved in organizing the hosting the ITU-T Joint Rapp. Meeting for
SG16 Q.11-15.

First of all, the IMTC is very pleased to organize this important
event,and we are trying to make this event as successful as
possible.We have been working hard on the organizational details
together with some of the ITU-T Rapporteurs, the IMTC BoD members and
of course the IMTC Secretariat, especially Georgia Lund, to have a
smooth organization.

Monterey in California is a great location, it even takes up with the
in February snowy, rainy and foggy Geneva!

For any additional details, questions, requests etc. please contact
Georgia, the IMTC Secretariat or myself.

I think, now everything should be under control and in a good shape,so
the invitation E-Mail (with the Hotel Registration Form) should go out
in order to have a smooth registration process.

I would like to ask the appropriate Rapporteurs, especially Mr. Okubo
/Skran to put the invitation message (probably as one of the first
official documents of their meeting) out for the Q.12-14 folks ("APC
Group"), then Mr. Geary from Q.11 to the Circuit Switched Group, and
finally Mr. Sullivan to the Q.15Video group.

Please note, that the document distribution / handling at the meeting
will be electronic (i.e. people must bring their laptops along).
Currently we have only central PCs as file servers, distribution will
take place by diskettes. It would be nice to have a LAN solution in
place, but that can not be provided by the IMTC. Any contribution,
help from the ITU-T side is most welcome to improve the infrastucture.

Similarly, we know that Q.15 will have their demo equipment in
place,but as usual, Q.15 shall take care of getting, installing,
operating, etc.of those.

I have a final request to the Rapporteurs (I think the decision is in
their hands): The IMTC has 145 members, some of them small companies
who are normally directly not participating in ITU-T standardization.
If possible,the IMTC would also like to invite its members to the ITU-
T Rapp. meeting,to give each member the chance to  get a better
feeling for how the standardization is done, may be to contribute, and
may be also give them the incentive to participate in future in the
ITU-T standardization work, if they like it,and if they see benefits
in it. Of course, they have to follow all the rules the Rapporteurs
set up  for running the meeting. I am sure that ITU-T will also
benefit to get some fresh views from outside its normal
participation.If we get the above permission we will invite the IMTC

I wish for all of us a successful organization, meeting and Marry X-
mas+ Happy New Year!

Kind regards,
Istvan Sebestyen
Dr. Istvan Sebestyen
Siemens AG, ICN WN ES SP 4,
Hofmannstr. 51 D-81359 Munich
E-Mail: istvan.sebestyen at icn.siemens.de
Intranet: http://www.pn.siemens.de/pngs/people/pngs9/

> From:         Georgia Lund[SMTP:georgia at inventures.com]
> Sent:         Friday, December 11, 1998 2:40 AM
> To:   istvan.sebestyen at pn.siemens.de
> Cc:   mcollier at cwixmail.com; Deepak Kamlani; Betsy Gillette
> Subject:      Joint Rapporteurs Group Meeting of the ITU-T/SG16/Q.11,
> Q.12,
>  <<HOTEL.doc>>
> Dear Colleagues,
> We are pleased to announce that the next Joint Rapporteurs Group
> meeting of the ITU-T/SG16/Q.11, Q.12, Q.13, Q.14, Q15 will be held
> February 15-19, 1999, at the Embassy Suites on Monterey Bay in
> Seaside, California just outside Monterey.  Meeting agenda and exact
> schedule of the various Rapporteurs Group meetings will be distributed
> by the Rapporteurs in due time.
> Logistical details are as follows:
> Embassy Suites on Monterey Bay
> 1441 Canyon Del Rey
> Seaside, CA 93955
> Phone:  +1.800.362.2779 - Embassy Suites Toll Free Reservations
> Phone:  +1.831.393.1115 - Embassy Suites on Monterey Bay directly
> Fax:  +1.831.393.1113 or +1.831.899.1928 - Faxed reservations using
> the attached Hotel Reservation Fax Form
> E-mail address:  embsales at aol.com - An e-mail sent to this address
> should be addressed to Reservations and Sales and mention IMTC or ITU-
> T/SG16 Conference with the dates.
> URLs:
>  http://www.embassy-suites.com/HotelInfo/embassy/property.html?page=
>  HOME&pid=MRYES or
>  http://www.embassy-suites.com
> Rate:  The guaranteed room rate is US$140.00 per night plus state and > local
>taxes.  Mention IMTC or ITU-T/SG16 Conference to secure this
> price.
>  Please note that we have reserved this block of rooms at special
> group rates, and in order to keep the catering costs and sleeping and
> meeting room rental rates low, IMTC has guaranteed that a minimum
> number of rooms will be occupied at the hotel.  For this reason, you
> are strongly discouraged from taking accommodation at other area
> hotels.  IMTC may have to pay a substantial penalty if the minimum
> guarantee is not met.
>  The sleeping room rate that the Embassy Suites is offering us is
> excellent - you won't be disappointed!
> Note that the cutoff date for our room block is Wednesday, January
> 27, 1999 and that the special room rate is not guaranteed after this
> time! The hotel accepts all major credit cards.  Check-in is 4:00 PM,
> and check-out is 12:00 PM.
> Full cooked to order breakfast is available in the garden atrium and
> breaks will be served in the foyer area near the meeting rooms.  A
> reception is planned for Tuesday, February 16, 1999.
> In the meeting room we will have a beamer for PC projection, and an
> overhead projector.  AC power outlets will be available at each table
> in the meeting rooms to facilitate use of notebook PCs.
> A copy machine, fax machine, computers with Internet connection and
> printers will be available in the office, but electronic distribution
> of contributions is planned.  Currently we are planning to use
> diskettes for document distribution, but any donation and/or
> assistance to set up a LAN is welcome.  We have been informed that a
> D1-machine and a monitor will also be available for video viewing.
> The Monterey airport has daily flights to and from San Francisco and
> Los Angeles.  Airlines that fly in and out of Monterey are United
> Airlines/United Express, American/American Eagle, Skywest Airlines/
> Delta and Trans State Airlines.  Embassy Suites also has a
> complimentary shuttle to and from the Monterey airport.  For those who
> want to drive from San Jose or San Francisco, drive time is
> approximately 60 and 90 minutes respectively and can greatly depend on
> traffic congestion. Driving directions are available at the Embassy
> Suites web site listed above and parking is free.
> The average temperature high in Monterey in February is 61 $B!# (BF (16.1 $B!# (BC).
> The low is 44 $B!# (BF (6.7 $B!# (BC).  The climate is mild and the rainy season is
> between November and April.  For more information about Monterey,
> explore the following URL at: http://www.gomonterey.com .
> To confirm your meeting attendance, please reply directly to
> georgia at inventures.com and include the following information for each
> individual from your organization attending the meeting:
> Mr./Ms. ?:
> Name:
> Job Title:
> Company:
> Official Mailing Address:
> Phone:
> Fax:
> E-mail:
> Will you attend the reception on Tuesday, February 16, 1999?
> Please indicate which of the group(s) below you intend to participate
> in:
> * Plenary meeting (Q.11-15)
> * Q.11
> * Q.12-14
> * Q.15
> Please note that the agenda will be available as the event approaches,
> and we have received an indication that not all Rapporteurs Groups
> plan to hold meetings from Monday to Friday.
> It is a pleasure to acknowledge sponsorship of this event by the
> International Multimedia Teleconferencing Consortium (IMTC), Inc., and
> to extend our appreciation and thanks.  The response that we have
> received to this meeting thus far indicates a great turn-out.  Please
> don't hesitate to contact myself, Istvan Sebestyen
> (istvan.sebestyen at icn.siemens.de) at Siemens, or Georgia Lund
> (georgia at inventures.com) at the IMTC office if you have any questions.
>  We look forward to seeing you in Monterey!
> Best regards,
> Istvan Sebestyen
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