Drafts for H.450.4, H.450.5 and H.450.6 whitepapers uploaded

Rex Coldren coldrenr at AGCS.COM
Thu Dec 10 08:27:18 EST 1998

I agree.  There appears to be a large discussion in navdec about media gateway
controllers terminating the end device/terminal signaling protocol (i.e.-H.323,
and talking to the end device via a media gateway control protocol (e.g.-MGCP).
That discussion group would be interested in knowing all variations of signaling

intended for endpoints so that it can assure that the control protocol is
extended to
be able to deal with such changes.  Any and all changes or additions to such
endpoint signaling protocols are now of interest to media gateway controller
vendors and their customers.

Ami Amir wrote:

> Karl
> Since there is a lot of parallel going on in the IETF, maybe you should also
> announce it on their mailing groups (e.g. Sigtran, Navdec, ipTel) should be
> exposed to this information?
> Grussen
> Ami
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>         Drafts for the H.450.4, H.450.5 and H.450.6 whitepapers (as
> determined in
>         September with minor changes as discussed via reflector) have been
> uploaded
>         to the pictel ftp site at:
>         ftp://standard.pictel.com/avc-site/Incoming/
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