Drafts for H.450.4, H.450.5 and H.450.6 whitepapers uploaded

Klaghofer Karl PN VS LP3 Karl.Klaghofer at VS.SIEMENS.DE
Thu Dec 10 06:09:40 EST 1998

We propose the following additions to Draft H.450.4 and Draft H.450.5 in
order to clarify the usage of the H.225.0 CallIdentifier and
ConferenceIdentifier in conjunction with consultation calls (H.450.4) and
parked calls (H.450.5).

If there are no objections, the text below will be part of the whitepepers
we have to submit latest by Dec. 19.

Proposed clarification in Draft H.450.4

3       Terms and Definitions
Consultation; consultation call
        An H.323 call established while having another call(s) on hold.

9.3     Interaction with H.225.0 parameters (new paragraph)
The H.225.0 elements ConferenceIdentifier and CallIdentifier within a
consultation call shall be set to values which are different from the
corresponding values of the held call.

Proposed clarification in Draft H.450.5
8.3     Interaction with H.225.0 parameters (new paragraph)
The H.225.0 CallIdentifier value within a parked call shall be set to the
CallIdentifier value that was used in the primary call.  For all other SETUP
messages carrying SS-PARK or SS-PICKUP related APDUs as defined within this
recommendation, new CallIdentifier values shall be used. Note that the
CallIdentifier value of the parked/alerting call is preserved during the
SS-PARK / SS-PICKUP procedure within the H.450 APDUs.
H.225.0 ConferenceIdentifier values are not preserved during the SS-PARK and
SS-PICKUP procedures, i.e. new values are assigned for new SETUP messages as
part of the SS-PARK and SS-PICKUP procedures.


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