Clarification in Call Hold and Call Park supplementary services

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Dear Q.11-14/16 experts,

I have uploaded the Torino meeting report of Q.12-14/16 group as APC-1485 at
the following place:

This is an integration of TD-07, 12, 18, 19 and other TDs.

Please review it and return your comments, if any, by 11 December 1998. Then
I will move it to /9811_Tor directory with confirmed status and send copies
to Mr. Tosco and Mr. Bigi.

Attached please find Section 7.1 recording the IMT-2000 related discussion
and conclusion. I have added the alternative way of describing the
requirements to the IMT-2000 network. Please Mr. Wenger and other interested
members review the second last paragraph and return your advice to make it

Best regards,

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7.1 Future direction (APC-1458, 1459, 1460)

APC-1458 and 1459 (TAO) presented high level requirements for the future
system H.32L and discussed some technical aspects. APC-1460 (NTT DoCoMo)
discussed multimedia terminals on IMT-2000 network proposing that H.324 and
H.323 be used for circuit switched service and  packet switched service,

A joint session among Q.11-14/16 addressed the appropriate multimedia
systems for IMT-2000 in the context of currently conceptual future system
H.32L. A crucial question for our multimedia communication systems is what
type(s) of network service would prevail in the future including those of

After some discussion, the meeting concluded that the multimedia system
(including but not limited to voice only) for IMT-2000 could not be singled
out, rather the approach taken so far should be applied to IMT-2000 as well,
resulting in systems optimized to the given network characteristics such as
H.323 and H.324/M.

Based on this discussion, the meeting attempted to return a liaison response
to ITU-T TG8/1 and ITU-T SG11/Q.23 as in TD-14. However, due to lack of
quantitative requirement description which was thought essential for sending
the liaison, the meeting concluded to attach TD-14 to this report as a basis
for further study toward the next meeting (Annex 5 to this report). An
alternative way of presenting the requirements was proposed; to describe the
performance of each H.300-series system when the given network
characteristics (such as bit rate) are minimum and expected performance when
the network characteristics are beyond the minimum.

Contributions are solicited.

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