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Stefano Giacometti giacometti at CORITEL.IT
Thu Dec 3 07:05:01 EST 1998

I have produced a draft of the white paper for version 5 of H.245. It is
available at ftp://standard.pictel.com/avc-site/Incoming/drafth~1.zip
Change marks are relative to the previously decided version (version 4).

This includes:

This contribution, known as H245WCMH, provides text for version 5 of
Recommendation H.245 "Control
protocol for multimedia communication". Changes are shown relative to
the decided version 4, known as
H245NCMF. It has been created from H245NCMF, and the changes determined
in the September 1998
meeting of SG16 in TD 39 (PLEN). The version number in the syntax has
been changed and Annex D has
been updated to reference the new version.

The following additions were also made as a result of the Torino meeting
of Q.11/12/13/14.

1) The improved version of generic capabilities, given in TD-08A of the
Torino meeting of Q.11/12/13/14,
has replaced the corresponding text in TD39 (PLEN). In addition, the
editor has added the
GenericCapability structure to MultiplexCapability and ModeElement, and
added a subIdentifier field to the
Object Identifier of the GenericCapability structure to allow different
sets of parameters belonging to the
same recommendation, and hence sharing a CapabilityIdentifier, to be
distinguished. The first use of this
additional parameter is to distinguish the Logical Channel Bit Rate
Capability and the MPEG-4 Visual
Capabilitities that have been defined to share the CapabilityIdentifier
'ITU-T Recommendation H.245
Version 5'.

2) Added the MPEG-4 Visual capability codepoints in the object
orientated capability syntax, its
description being given in Annex E. This has been done according to the
'H245V5White_MPEG4Visual.doc' that was distributed by e-mail.

3) APC-1440 has been included. This includes FlowControlIndication, the
Logical Channel Bit Rate
Change procedure and the signalling of its capability. The indication of
this capability has been moved by
the editor to the Capability structure to make it available to all
terminals (not just H.323), and has been
represented by the object orientated capability syntax, its description
being given in Annex F.

4) All capabilities have been added using the object orientated syntax
for capabilities. However, the ASN.1
representation has been included in Appendix VIII in case this syntax is
not accepted. If the object
orientated syntax is accepted, then Apendix VIII should be deleted.

But it does not include a codepoint for RDC and improvements to the
semantics for error handling for video codecs similar to that for
H.320/H230 - could someone please send me the appropriate text.

I would appreciate comments as soon as possible as the submission
deadline is approaching. In particular, could everyone who has proposed
inclusions please check that I have included them completely and

Best regards

Mike Nilsson

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