H.225.0 Annex G conference call

Glen Freundlich ggf at lucent.com
Fri Aug 28 17:25:01 EDT 1998

There will be another conference call to discuss H.225.0 Annex G:
        date: 4 September 1998 (Friday)
        time: 9:00am Mountain Time (8:00 Pacific, 11:00 Eastern, etc)
        bridge number: +1 630-224-4444
        code: 911202
        duration: 1 hour

Tentative agenda (time permitting):
        - review of Pete Cordell's proposal
        - review of Radhika Roy's proposal
        - review of Andrew Draper's proposal

Notes from the last call:

We started by trying to reach some closure on Santo Wiryaman's proposal.
Points from the discussion:

- All border elements should be required to support H.225 V2 for newly
defined alias addresses (especially email-id)

- If some form of hierarchy is imposed, who controls the root node in
the hierarchy?

- Private networks have different numbering schemes than the public
network, so addresses cannot be resolved through the hierarchy in the
public network.

- Number portability is common in private networks, so using a hierarchy
in private networks to aid address resolution may not be totally

- We may need some form of indirection or re-routing in the address
resolution to support notions like number portability. How does this
work in the telephone network, for example to resolve 800 numbers?

- Can we rely on, or benefit from, mobile IP mechanisms? Will this solve
mobility for free?

- Call signaling (i.e., Setup message) and address resolution (annex G
protocol, various existing RAS messages) may follow different paths.

For those who were on the last call, please correct me if I've missed


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