H225.0 Annex G: Response to Radhika's "clarifications"

Chris Purvis WVdevmt-WS cpurvis at MADGE.COM
Wed Aug 26 13:08:41 EDT 1998

> From:         Rod Gotty[SMTP:rgotty at DIALISDN.COM]
> Could someone please direct me to where I might find tools for "sniffing"
> a LAN segment and expose the VoIP traffic.

1. Delta Information Systems has an H.323 protocol analyzer.

2. Microsoft had a NetMon H.323 parser available at no charge from their
server at the recent SuperOp! I was too busy to download a copy, though.
Anybody know where I can get one now? (Deepak, are you reading this?) I
couldn't find a copy on their web site.

Paul Long
Smith Micro

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