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My comments below.

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> Subject:      Q. about master/slave determination in H.245
> Hi..
>      I have some questions about master/slave determination in H.245.
> Perhpas these questions are stupid... but could you please kindly give me
> some help?
>      With H.245, we need to do master/slave determination to resolve
> conflicts between two endpoints which can be the MC in a conference.
> (1) If there is no MC is active and all entities are of different types,
> the priority to win the master/slave determination is MCU > Gatkeeper >
> Gateway > terminal. THis means. e.g., with Gatekeeper and terminal,
> Gatekeeper always wins the determination? then why bothering to
> set "statusDeterminationNumber" to be a random no. in that certain range?
        [Kumar, Vineet]  At the time of master/slave determination, the
entities do not know the "terminalType" of each other.

> or only when those entities are all in the same type, then such setting
> just makes sense? i.e., "terminalType" overrules
> "statusDeterminationNumber" ??
> (2) An MC that is already acting as an MC shall always remian the active
> MC. However, assume that there are only terminals participating in a
> conference, what if a terminal that won the determination already
> decides to leave the conference at some time during the call? Should we
> need to perform such master/slave determination again?, or the terminal
> can assign the other to be an active MC?, or  the terminal by no means can
> not leave the conference in the middle of the call?
        [Kumar, Vineet]  It is assumed that the MC will not leave the
conference. It is does, then the conference ends.

> Please advise... thanks a lot..
> Best regards,
> Wanjiun Liao

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