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Venu Madhav Kailasa kvm at TRILLIUM.COM
Wed Aug 19 14:20:13 EDT 1998

Please see my responses editted in below.


Roy, Radhika R, ALTEC wrote:
> Hi Everyone:
> I have few comments on the revised Annex G writeup.
> 1. The title is OK
> 2. The scope is not OK. As we talked last time that the scope should be
> extended to include the following:
>         *       Inter-Gatekeeper Communications within a Domain
>         *       Inter-Gatekeeper Communications Between (Administrative)
> Domains

Did we have consensus on that opinion? If so, I'll change the text and I
apologize for missing that. I remember saying that the stake I was
placing in the ground was that the protocol is the same for both of
these (and some text in the annex states that). Until we have something
that shows otherwise I see no reason to change the basic direction of
the annex.

In Yokosuka we set the focus of Annex G to be communication between
administrative domains. If we start broadening the scope we run the risk
of delaying the annex.

> 3. APC-1385 provides outlines for the "Inter-Gatekeeper Communications
> within a Domain". The write-up of Annex G should be modified accordingly.
> 4. The items 2 and 3 had been discussed in the last conference call. Are we
> going through a circle again?
> 5. The comments on the remaining text of the document will be reviewed when
> the fundamental direction of Annex G is put along the line as pointed out
> above.
> Recent AT&T's proposed contribution has also been submitted to complement
> the write-up in the area of "Inter-Gatekeeper Communications within a
> Domain".
> Thanks and regards,
> Radhika R. Roy
> AT&T
> Tel: +1 732 949 8657
> Email: rrroy at att.com

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