H.225.0 Annex G conference call

Roy, Radhika R, ALTEC rrroy at ATT.COM
Wed Aug 19 12:23:49 EDT 1998

Hi Everyone:

I have few comments on the revised Annex G writeup.

1. The title is OK
2. The scope is not OK. As we talked last time that the scope should be
extended to include the following:
        *       Inter-Gatekeeper Communications within a Domain
        *       Inter-Gatekeeper Communications Between (Administrative)

3. APC-1385 provides outlines for the "Inter-Gatekeeper Communications
within a Domain". The write-up of Annex G should be modified accordingly.
4. The items 2 and 3 had been discussed in the last conference call. Are we
going through a circle again?
5. The comments on the remaining text of the document will be reviewed when
the fundamental direction of Annex G is put along the line as pointed out

Recent AT&T's proposed contribution has also been submitted to complement
the write-up in the area of "Inter-Gatekeeper Communications within a

Thanks and regards,

Radhika R. Roy
Tel: +1 732 949 8657
Email: rrroy at att.com

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> Subject:      H.225.0 Annex G conference call
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> There will be another conference call to discuss H.225.0 Annex G:
>         date: 20 August (Thursday)
>         time: 10:00am Mountain Time (9:00 Pacific, 12:00 Eastern, etc)
>         bridge number: +1 630-224-4444
>         code: 911202
>         duration: 1 hour
> Tentative agenda:
>         - next call 27 August
>         - review of Santo Wiryaman's proposal
>         - review of Pete Cordell's proposal
>         - review of Radhika Roy's proposal
> Notes from last call:
> Most of the call was spent discussing an email from Radhika Roy. Some of
> the significant points are:
> - The Annex G title (Communication Between Administrative Domains) was
> viewed as too restrictive. According to the Yokosuka meeting report,
> Annex G is to focus on communication between administrative domains.
> While some folks seem to believe that the currently proposed protocol is
> suitable for both inter-gatekeeper communication and communication
> between administrative domains, others seem to believe that these are 2
> distinct problems.
> - Annex G should address inter-gatekeeper communication and
> communication between administrative domains separately.
> - The current direction of work does not seem to consider all possible
> architectures (hierarchical, distributed, hybrid), or at least the
> current Annex G does not adequately describe all possible architectures.
> In addition, no requirements appear to guide forming Annex G for each of
> these possible architectures.
> Mr. Roy has promised a proposal to address some of his concerns.
> Remember that this work will progress with proposals.
> For those who were on the last call, please correct me if I've missed
> something.
> Glen
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