Cannes meeting report APC-1425

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Wed Aug 5 02:02:19 EDT 1998

There will be another conference call to discuss H.225.0 Annex G:
        date: 6 August (Thursday)
        time: 9:00am Mountain Time (8:00 Pacific, 11:00 Eastern, etc)
        bridge number: +1 630-713-3333
        code: 840059
        duration: 1 hour

Tentative agenda:
        - next call on 19 August (Wednesday)?
        - readout on issues from last call:
                - security issues (Senthil Sengodan) - see email
                - Diameter update (Nancy Greene)
                - telephone network addressing hierarchy (Hal Purdy)
        - review of current Annex G text (see attached document)
        - review requirements coverage

Notes from last call:
There was more discussion about architecture, with reference to APC-1385
and an email submission from Santo Wiryamen. Annex G should not impose
any architectural model, and should allow any model (hierarchical,
distributed, hybrid) to exist. Nothing currently proposed seems to
require, or favor, one model over any other, but text and figures should
give equal time to other models. Also, both currently defined call
models (gatekeeper routed and direct endpoint) should be allowed, and
the protocols are probably not different depending on call model.

There could be some value in looking at numbering and architecture in
the telephone network, although numbering and architecture are probably
orthogonal issues. Hal Purdy will investigate the telephone network's
implementation and report back.

Nancy Greene gave a quick readout on Diameter. There is a framework that
can carry various extensions, where the Annex G work could fit into one
(or more) extensions. The framework and some extensions are current IETF
drafts. Nancy will provide more details.

There are security concerns that will need to be addressed. Senthil
Sengodan will begin to look at this and report back.

For those who were on the last call, please correct me if I've missed


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