Minutes of SNMP audio call of 7/29/98

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Hello folks,
Attached are the minutes from last weeks audio call.  The next call is
Wednesday 8/5/98 at 11:00 AM EST.
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SQ16 Q14 Multimedia Management Information Base
Audio Call 7/29/98 Minutes

1. Review of gateway MIB objectives
2. Discussion of MIB hierarchy picture from Joon Maeng
3. Organization of documents for ITU and IETF

Mike Thatcher, Cisco
Zvi Mizrahy, Alex, IBM Haifa
Bill Strahm, Mark Baugher, Intel
Don Milotte, James Pansarasa, Picturetel
Joon Maeng, VTEL
Jackson Wynn, White Pine
George Kajos, Irina Suconick, Don Dewar, VideoServer

H.323/H.320 Gateway
At Zvi's request, we reviewed the objectives of the gateway MIB. The main
reason is that is trying to restructure the IBM proposal for the ITU
meeting in September and wants to be clear on how to proceed.  The main
point is that the contents of the gateway MIB should be protocol stack
and network interface independent in order to be the value above what is
already available in other places.  A second point is to not duplicate
the data already present in the protocol and network interface layer
MIBs.  There actually does not seem to be much disagreement on these

Joon Maeng's Hierarchy picture
Joon sent a hierarchy diagram to the mailing list. The diagram
illustrates a H.323/H.320 gateway being comprised of multiple virtual
terminals and an MCU comprised of terminals of the MCU type.  In trying
to apply this model to MIBs it was discussed that gateways and MCUs did
not need to have multiple instances of the terminal MIBs.  Instead the
terminal MIBs would have tables that lend themselves to having multiple
rows in the gateway and MCU cases and a single row in the terminal case.
 Joon is restructuring the H.320 and H.323 terminal MIB proposals and the
H221 and H320CallSignalling to reflect this structure.

IETF and ITU MIB Document Structure
At the Cannes meeting, the H.Multimedia document was structured as an
overview with four annexes.  The four annexes correspond to RTP, the
H.323 set, the H.320 set, and H.245.  The proposal is to add new
subannexes for additions inside of these four areas and new annexes for
additions outside these areas.  The other model avaialble for the ITU, is
to use the model being used for the H.450 documents for supplementary
services.  In this model the H.450 document describes the architecture
and each individual supplementary service is issued as a separate
doucment H.450.x, where x is 1, 2, .., etc. This may be preferable
because it allows the working party to determine separate documents as
ready. George will correspond further with Gary Thom this week to see if
there is a preference by the working party leadership for the way to
submit the work at the September Geneva meeting.

For the IETF BOF, none of the documents are in the common Internet-Draft
format. It is suggested that the MIBs to be brought into the BOF be
recast in this format.  If done as separate proposals, this means 15
documents will be submitted for discussion at the BOF.  Ther group agreed
to return to this issue during this week's call.

Our request for a BOF at the Chicago, IETF meeting (8/24-8/28) has been
accepted by the IETF Operations and Maintenance Area Directors Bert
Wijnen and Harald Avelstrad.

Next Meeting:
Wednesday, July 5, 1998 11:00 - 1:00 PM EST. Please send mail
gkajos at videoserver.com for a bridge port number.

Current Action Items:
1. George Kajos - Publish meeting minutes (this report) and schedule next
2. George Kajos - Confer with ISO and IETF network management experts
regarding placement of H.Multimedia MIB.
3. Group - Admission table indices - See updated RasV2Mib.rtf for CallID
change and text in report
4. Group - Admission and CallSignalling Tables index correlation. -
closed 7/22/98
5. VideoServer - Generate MC and MP proposal - See h323MCmib.rtf on
Picturetel site.
6. George Kajos - Generate BOF request to O&M Area Director - Sent on
7/13/98; accepted 7/27/98.
7. George Kajos/ Mark Baugher - Set up a mail reflector which can be used
for IETF input and access - George does not think VideoServer will be
able to do this and Mark Baugher said he would look into whether Intel
can take this on. - Intel created HMIBS on 7/17/98
8. Contributors - place any updated the MIB proposals on the Picturetel
reflector.  The current status is:
Avc-site\9806_Can\APC-1380 - overview
Avc-site\9806_Can\APC-1387 - textual conventions
Avc-site\9806_Can\APC-1388 - RTP
Avc-site\9806_Can\APC-1389 - H.323 Call Signaling
Avc-site\Incoming\RasV2Mib.rtf - H.323 RAS
Avc-site\9806_Can\APC-1391 - H.323 Terminal
Avc-site\9806_Can\APC-1392 - H.323 Gatekeeper
Avc-site\Incoming\APC1393 - Gateway
Avc-site\Incoming\h323MCmib.rtf - H.323 MC
Avc-site\9806_Can\APC-1396 - H.320 Terminal
Avc-site\9806_Can\APC-1397 - H.320 Call Signaling
Avc-site\9806_Can\APC-1398 - H.221
Avc-site\9806_Can\APC-1399 - H.320 Multipoint Control Unit
Avc-site\9806_Can\APC-1400 - H.245

The working proposal is that any updates will be placed in incoming by
identifying name and
Mr. Okubo and the mailing list will be informed.
9. Group - Gateway  - we have to decide the architectural model for a
gateway, what are the standard pieces, should multiway connections be
modeled, etc.?
10. Group - Review all MIB proposals - ongoing
11. Orit Levin - send MIB critique to the mailing lists - done 7/21/98
12. Zvi Mizrahy - send update to the gateway proposal to the mailing list

13. Group - Review MC MIB
14. Videoserver - submit MP MIB to the mailing list
15. George Kajos - send text version of each draft MIB to mailing list.

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