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Roy, Radhika R, ALTEC rrroy at ATT.COM
Sat Aug 29 13:49:31 EDT 1998

Hi Everyone:

We are now enclosing very important documents via emails for our H.323
inter-GK conference calls. The number of documents will be increasing very
soon. For example, 2 from VideoServer (Santo W.), 1 from BT (Pete C.), 2
from AT&T (Radhika R.), and 1 from Madge (Andrew D.).

Now we have problems to refer each other's documents (If you read Mr. A.
Draper's recent document, one may easily feel it). Each document contains a
wealth of information. Let us preserve this valuable information so that we
can keep refering each document even when we finish our conference calls
after next week.

The way I see that we need to use the ID for each enclosed document is as

1. Each enclosed document should contain: Title, Author's name, Company
Name, and Date.
2. If possible, the file name of the document (e.g., xxx.doc, etc).

Does this proposal make sense?

Thanks and regards,

Radhika R. Roy

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> Subject:      Communications between Administrative domains
> <<File: ResolveGK.doc>>
> I attach my proposal.  This specifies a method of finding a suitable
> border
> element given the destinationAddress field in an LRQ or SETUP message.
> This is
> partly derived from Santo Wiryaman's proposal, and is partly tightening up
> on
> language in the existing spec.
> I have expanded the scope of the LCF message slightly to allow a border
> element
> to use the responses to choose from a set of border elements which are all
> able
> to route the call.
> Regards,
>     Andy
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