RDC docs posted to FTP site

Mark Duckworth Mark_Duckworth at PICTEL.COM
Tue Aug 25 12:08:45 EDT 1998

I'm forwarding this for Andy Woollett.

Hi All,
At Andy's request I have posted VRDCrevA.doc and TRDCrevB.doc,
they are at ftp://ftp.imtc-files.org/imtc-site/T120-top/geneva98-2/


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From:               Andy Woollett <a_woollett at imagecom.co.uk>
To:                 Chuck Grandgent <k1om at world.std.com>
Subject:            V.RDC and T.RDC Draft Documents
Date sent:          Mon, 24 Aug 1998 15:54:21 +0100

Hi Chuck,

Could you please place these documents into the Geneva98-2  directory at
the IMTC site directory
and then forward the following message to the Q3 and Q14 reflectors.

Andy Woollett


The following draft documents have been placed in the Geneva98-2
directory at the IMTC site.


VRDCrevA - Remote Device Control Protocol for Multimedia Applications
(Q3/16, Q14/16)
TRDCrevB - Remote Device Control Application Protocol (Q3/16)

It is anticipated that these documents will be submitted for
determination at the Geneva SG16 meeting in September. A list of the
main changes is on page 2 of each document. Further work is in progress
updating the ASN.1 in VRDCrevA.doc. Please could interested parties
review these documents and send any questions or comments to me at
a_woollett at imagecom.co.uk.

Andy Woollett
ImageCom Ltd

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