Delayed contribution on H.323 over ISDN

Hidenobu Harasaki harasaki at CCM.CL.NEC.CO.JP
Tue Aug 25 08:55:16 EDT 1998

Dear Q.11-14 Experts,

I have put a delayed contribution to September SG16 meeting as

The title is "Comments on the projected Annex/Appendix for H.323 over N-ISDN".

The contribution is prepared to discuss interworking of the projected
H.323/I terminal with other type of terminals, comparing with a similar
case of Annex C to H.323 (H.323 over ATM).  It provides some analysis
for possible interworking combinations with respect to audiovisual
transport and suggests some directions to facilitate the conclusion of
this topic.

I will submit this contribution to ITU-T in a few days.

Best regards,

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