Q. about master/slave determination in H.245

WanJiun Liao wjliao at EEE.HKU.HK
Fri Aug 21 00:13:29 EDT 1998

     I have some questions about master/slave determination in H.245.
Perhpas these questions are stupid... but could you please kindly give me
some help?

     With H.245, we need to do master/slave determination to resolve
conflicts between two endpoints which can be the MC in a conference.

(1) If there is no MC is active and all entities are of different types,
the priority to win the master/slave determination is MCU > Gatkeeper >
Gateway > terminal. THis means. e.g., with Gatekeeper and terminal,
Gatekeeper always wins the determination? then why bothering to
set "statusDeterminationNumber" to be a random no. in that certain range?

or only when those entities are all in the same type, then such setting
just makes sense? i.e., "terminalType" overrules
"statusDeterminationNumber" ??

(2) An MC that is already acting as an MC shall always remian the active
MC. However, assume that there are only terminals participating in a
conference, what if a terminal that won the determination already
decides to leave the conference at some time during the call? Should we
need to perform such master/slave determination again?, or the terminal
can assign the other to be an active MC?, or  the terminal by no means can
not leave the conference in the middle of the call?

Please advise... thanks a lot..

Best regards,

Wanjiun Liao

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