Questions on H.450.Hold

Santo Wiryaman swiryaman at VIDEOSERVER.COM
Thu Aug 13 16:10:00 EDT 1998


In H.450.Hold (Cannes version June 1, 98) I noticed that a provision for
a GK-routed model gatekeeper to intercept the remoteHold.inv was added in
figure 6b. However, Section 10 was not updated to reflect this provision.
 In other words, section 10 still says that the GK shall pass on SS-HOLD
transparently as if figure 6b did not exist.  Was this an oversight, or
section 10 shall stand as it is?

Other comments on figure 6b:
1. The label on the to of figure 6b also says "GK (transparent)"   which
I assume was a copy/paste error
2. Must the footnote "Only applicable if media channels are routed via GK
before SS-HOLD"  be there?  I can envision that the GK can "patch in" a
media channel from an H.323 Music endpoint somewhere else on the network
or from within the GK itself when user B is in Held state.  In other
words, even if the media channels were not routed via GK, the GK could
send music on hold
3. Is it useful to show that the GK may optionally send TCS=0 (Empty
Terminal Cap Set) to users A and B?
4. Is it mandatory for the GK to send holdNotific.inv to B? Or, could the
GK optionally not send it and rely on TCS=0 for user B to close its media

Any clarification would help. Thank you.

Best regards,

Santo Wiryaman
Videoserver Inc.
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