Zones and administrative domains

Chris Purvis WVdevmt-WS cpurvis at MADGE.COM
Thu Aug 6 06:23:54 EDT 1998

No doubt this will be discussed in the next call, but...

With respect to the emails from Messrs Roy and Toga, can someone please
explain to me why inter-administrative-domain communication and inter-zonal
communication within an administrative domain require separate consideration?
 Mr Roy's email appears to accept that when things come down to actual
messages (section 1.5), the same information requires communication.  Given
that everybody appears to be agreed that the smallest possible administrative
domain is a single zone, and that nobody appears to want to exclude the
possibility of having some sort of hierachy, I fail to see why we need to do
any more than define communication between administrative domains and
remember that zones are degenerate administrative domains.
If I've missed something fundamental, please tell me!

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