H.243 revision decided in March 97

Li Yan lyan at LUCENT.COM
Wed Apr 29 12:10:22 EDT 1998

Dear Q.12-14 colleagues,

I have placed APC-1372 (report if the Yokosuka meeting) at:


Please review it and return your comments, if any, in a week time. Then I will
move it to /9804_Yok.

I have a little belatedly edited TD-24, TD-16, TD-17, TD-18 and other relevant TDs.

Note to Mr. Skran: I took my liberty to move the text regarding H.323 Annex G
terms of reference to Annex 9 and changed "fixed capability terminals" to
"single use devices" in the list of possible future works (Item 15 in Section

Best regards,

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