FW: VoIP Numbering Plan Vs. Domain names. IPNP

Tom-PT Taylor Tom-PT.Taylor.taylor at NT.COM
Thu Apr 23 12:32:25 EDT 1998

Dear H.323 Colleagues:

I have uploaded the H.323 Annex D, and H.332 white papers in the Incoming
directory of the PictureTel web site. The files are:

h332-white-final-dls.doc - H.332 white paper; additions are RFC # for SDP,
and a statement on using the back-off algorithm for the BYE message.

h323-annexD-wht-chg.doc - H.323 Annex D with change marks

h323-annexD-wht-nchg.doc - H.323 Annex D with no change marks

Please review the documents and provide any comments.

Vineet Kumar
Intel Corporation, JF3-212
2111 NE 25th Avenue
Hillsboro, OR 97124-5961

(+1) 503-264-3439 (phone)
(+1) 503-264-3375 (fax)

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