APC-1335 (H.245V4) Uploaded

Mike Nilsson mike.nilsson at BT-SYS.BT.CO.UK
Wed Apr 8 08:58:46 EDT 1998

Dear Yokosuka Rapporteur Meeting Participants,

At the meeting site in Yokosuka Research Park, internet access will be
available via router with NAT and IP masquerade.

As you may need IP addresses for allowing telnet to your organization
throught firewalls, I would like to list them as below.

Allocated global address space is (subnet itself) gate.q11q12q13q14-unet.ocn.ne.jp host1.q11q12q13q14-unet.ocn.ne.jp host2.q11q12q13q14-unet.ocn.ne.jp host3.q11q12q13q14-unet.ocn.ne.jp host4.q11q12q13q14-unet.ocn.ne.jp host5.q11q12q13q14-unet.ocn.ne.jp (broadcast address)

Above addresses and DNS entries are only available from April 13
through April 17 in JST.

Please be aware that above one global address will be shared by more
than 30 computers.

Please do not forget to bring a UTP cable with at least 3 meter long.

Best regards,


Hidenobu Harasaki           harasaki at ccm.CL.nec.co.jp
Principal Researcher        C&C Media Research Labs., NEC Corporation
                            Phone: +81 44 856 8083    Fax: +81 44 856 2232

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