Global IP addresses for Yokosuka Rapporteur Meeting

Hidenobu Harasaki harasaki at CCM.CL.NEC.CO.JP
Wed Apr 8 05:10:11 EDT 1998

Dear Q.11-14/16 colleagues,

Attached please find the updated invitation for the next experts group
meeting in Yokosuka(14-17, April). It contains general information about
the meeting.
The attached zip file contains a "Word97/6.0" compatible documents. We
send you the one in text-only format as soon as possible.
Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Best regards,

from the meeting hosts;
 Hidenobu HARASAKI (NEC)
 Kiyoshi SAKAI(Fujitsu Lab.)

                                Kiyoshi Sakai
                                Media Processing Laboratory
                                Multimedia Systems Labs.
                                FUJITSU LABORATORIES LTD.
                                Tel.   : +81 44 754 2679
                                Fax.   : +81 44 754 2347
                                E-mail : sakai at
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