APC requests

Sakae OKUBO okubo at GCTECH.CO.JP
Thu Apr 2 23:34:38 EST 1998

Dear Q.12-14/16 colleagues and meeting participants,

1.    To those who intend to submit contributions

Please advise me of your document source and title, then I will allocate
APC-13nn number. Please use okubo at gctech.co.jp AND okubo at mxz.meshnet.or.jp due
to the change of GCL Internet environments.

My particular request is that if you have sent me your request of document
numbers these 30 hours and have not received my response, please send it again
to okubo at mxz.meshnet.or.jp. It seems that all incoming mails to
okubo at gctech.co.jp are now in the spool and will be dispatched some time later.

2.    To those who upload contributions

Please upload them to


then I will move them to ../9804_Yok directory after virus scanning, zipping,
renaming if necessary.

3.    To those who retrieve contributions

They are available either at /9804_Yok directory or /Incoming directory.
Please be advised that /9804_Yok/9804_Yok.html shows all the contributions. If
the document number indicates link, then it has  already been submitted and
retrievable. Very recent submissions may be still at /Incoming directory.

Best regards,

Sakae OKUBO (Mr.)
Graphics Communication Laboratories       Phone:  +81 3 5351 0181
6F ANNEX TOSHIN BLDG.                     Fax:    +81 3 5351 0184
4-36-19 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo         e-mail: okubo at gctech.co.jp
151-0053 Japan                            or okubo at mxz.meshnet.or.jp

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