H.245 v1 and v2 will not interoperate

Bancroft Scott baos at OSS.COM
Tue Sep 30 18:05:32 EDT 1997

On Tue, 30 Sep 1997, Mike Nilsson wrote:

> As far as I am aware, all of the name changes between version 1 and
> version 2 were intentional, and were done to correct the syntax, such as
> in the case of g-dsvd being changed to g729AnnexA. This will give
> implementors some cause for complaint in the short term, but is probably
> best in the long term.

Sorry for the false alarm.  H.245 V2 *is* a valid extension of H.245 V1.

> It was the intention to make version 2 interoperable with version 1.
> Looking at your comments, it seems like you are not using the correct
> syntax for version 1. I have attached these two sets of syntax, and
> would appreciate it if you could repeat your tests and publicise the
> results to the group. I am currently finalising version 3, and would
> appreciate any help you could give with that before I send it to the
> ITU, in particular, checking the validity of the syntax.

Sure, I'd be glad to check its syntax and verify that it is a valid
extension of H.245 V2.

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